Infinity Timecare is the name given to the support agreement that Infinity (UK) Ltd offers to all of its customers. Each Timecare Support agreement contains details of the customers' designated support level agreement (SLA)

Before you purchase a new system, the extent of your Infinity Timecare SLA will be documented within your quotation. Usually this includes a twelve month software support agreement, a twelve month hardware warranty and details of site visits for software and firmware updates plus any required 'new feature' awareness training. When you purchase a system you will receive the Timecare SLA document through the post. After this initial period, you will be sent an invoice for the following year's Timecare. Support is not compulsory but is strongly recommended!

Within customer care we have a full-time, office based support team that are available to answer your questions between 8.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Thursday and between 8.00am and 4.30pm on a Friday. Incidents can also be reported out of office hours using our telephone answering service. When addressing an incident, the support team utilise remote desktop support technology to access your PC, (with your permission), to identify and rectify the reported problem. Members of the support team have also worked in the development team and as a result, are able to provide an extremely high level of technical product knowledge.