Increasing your company's productivity starts with one important factor – the improvement of your employee's time keeping. The right people in the right place at the right time will guarantee 'smooth running' with maximum efficiency – a goal that every company should strive to achieve.

Infinity attendance provides you with the tools to schedule where your workforce should be and how long they should be working. It allows you to plan for each department within the company, selecting employees with the relevant tasks for the job in hand.

An increasing number of businesses are choosing flexitime, rotational shifts and annualised hours as their preferred working method. Infinity can cope with any type of work pattern and overtime calculation using its unique script engine. Not all systems are designed to our high standard. North East Time Recorders has spent over twenty years developing a sophisticated attendance product that alerts users to several basic, yet important facts;

  • Who is working now?

  • Who should be working now?

  • Who was late?

  • Have the correct hours been worked?

  • Has all overtime been authorised?

  • To enhance the employees' use of the system, we have improved the ESS facilities at the attendance terminal to include;

    • Hours worked, or flexi balance request

    • Holiday entitlement/balance request

    • Holiday/absence request

    • Roster/planner request

    • Email-me! - sends an email containing various request items to the employees personal email address